ExchangeDefender Hosted Exchange RBL Exposure (Resolved) Issue / Performance
12 days

Due to a configuration issue one of our networks relayed marketing (bulk) mail this morning, February 21, 2022. Because ExchangeDefender Exchange services are not designed for mass mailing, there is a possibility that our range might end up on an RBL.

We have removed the affected IP addresses from our outbound routing and do not forsee any issues. However, some RBL providers react by blacklisting an entire range or AS upstream provider range. There is no need to open a ticket if you run into the RBL issue, all our IP addresses are monitored in realtime across hundreds of RBLs and we will work on delisting them should they become published anywhere. If your users run into an issue sending mail, please remind them that ExchangeDefender Email Bypass is available to all Pro subscribers and that infrastructure is capable of bypassing most RBL/ISP blocking so definitely check it out.