Investigating Exchange resource errors (Resolved) Investigating / Notice
22 days

The issue with Outlook Web Access has also been addressed now. 

We will continue to monitor and review the perfromance but we have confirmed that all services are functional and there are no accounts reporting errors or login timeouts.

Update 08/24/2020 11:36 AM 22 days

The issue regarding mail flow has been addressed, all mail that has been accepted/delayed since approximately midnight (when the issue started) has been dequeued from ExchangeDefender and delivered to Exchange.

We are still working on the other reported issue related to Outlook Web Access logins. Please use LiveArchive ( for the moment.

Update 08/24/2020 11:07 AM 22 days

We are investigating reported errors in email delivery and OWA login that started earlier this morning. We will keep this post up to date as services are recovered back to normal.